Future Proof

Quickly install the Wright Framework via Joomla extensions installer. Then easily set it as the default template in your Template Manager and your are done!

Customizing its layout and design is easy. Event if you don't know HTML and CSS. Experienced website developers will find the Wright code easy to work with and build their own templates upon.


We worked really hard to make Wright as light Joomla Template Framework as possible. Developing it, we purposefully opted for a minimalist approach. Unlike some overbloated frameworks, you won't find everything-and-the-kitchen-sink in it.

Run your site on our fast and light Wright template and instantly decrease your site load time.


Our Wright Framework is based on most popular mobile-first Bootstrap library. Run your site on Joomlashack Wright template and offer fantastic responsive experience to your mobile visitors. Regardless of their device.

Make your site available with the Wright Framework even to those browsing it on a fly and watch its positive impact on your conversions.