Note You must have Joomla! 3 installed to use a Joomlashack template.
  1. Download Wright template file to your computer from the download page.

  2. Then, in your Joomla Administrator panel, go to Extensions > Manage

    Extension Manager

  3. Click on the " Browse... " button, and browse to the downloaded file. Then select the file and then click on Upload & Install The template should take a few seconds to upload. After the upload and install is complete, you should see an 'Install Template' message.

  4. Now you will need to set the template to be the default template for your site. To do this, go to Extensions > Templates.

    Template Manager

    Click on the 'Default' button shaped like a star to the right of your template. If you set the default correctly, you should see a star in the 'Default' column for the template.

  5. Your template will now be installed! Look below for more important information on how to set up your template once installed.

My Template Doesn't Look Like the Demo - Template Setup

Once installed, your template will most likely require some setup, the depth of which is determined by how many customization options your template offers (different module formatting for example). For a look at the reasons why your template does not look like the demo straight after install, please see Why doesn't my template look like the demo?

I couldn't get my template to download - where do I go to get support?

For more help with installation, setup, customization, or an issue, please Submit a Ticket (only available for purchased templates and Template Club customers).